AcuMed: Integrated Structural Acupuncture Presents Kiiko Matsumoto

Mastering the Temporal Points: Advanced San Jiao & Gallbladder Treatments

Webinar Date: Sunday, November 7, 2021

Time: 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

General Information

  • Location: International Zoom Webinar hosted from Boston, MA with potential limited in-person seating depending on COVID conditions.
  • Learn from an International Master with opportunity to ask Kiiko Matsumoto specific questions about theory and technique.
  • 21 days of continued access to the streamed material following the Webinar including one bonus relevant treatment video.
  • Price for Physicians: $300.00 USD, for Licensed Acupuncturists $250.00 USD.
  • Receive 6 AMA PRA CME Category 1 credits – Sponsored by the University of New England.
  • 7 NCCAOM PDAs and 6 California CEUs in Category 1, CA CEU Provider # 0019 Holly Guzman. Please provide your full name, license number and NCCAOM number when registering (if applicable) to ensure we can provide your CEUs promptly.
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    • No refunds after registration, however, extended access to material may be granted if participant is unable to view in the regular window.
  • Please let us know the organization or group that alerted you to this webinar and let us know if you are interested in in-person viewing if you are local to the Boston area.

Webinar Description

In this course, Master Kiiko Matsumoto will present advanced treatments with live lecture and treatments on the theory and uses of various San Jiao and Gallbladder points over the temporal bone in the posterior auricular zone. Certain of these points, while seldom used in contemporary styles of acupuncture, however, have provocative ancient names such as SJ -18 chi mai “Spasm Vessel” and SJ-19 lu xi “Skull’s Breath” that suggest important functions in ancient times. Sensei Matsumoto will lead participants through an analysis of various temporal points  and their uses from both a theoretical and practical standpoint for a wide variety of neurological and psychological issues, from both a biomedical and anatomical understanding, with connections to modern craniosacral work, and a deep look at the various aspects of the ancient Chinese characters for each point to uncover their various clinical applications and demonstrate their uses live on the treatment table.

Further discussion will include elaboration of investigations discussed in previous courses on Stomach 9, “the carotid body/sinus reflex” and how to integrate this treatment with those discussed above to diagnose and treat oxygenation issues throughout the body, which manifest with a wide variety of asthmatic, hypertensive, neurological and psychological symptoms.

Presenter: Kiiko Matsumoto, LAc. is a world-renowned acupuncturist and teacher, internationally known for her scholarly work in acupuncture. Senseii Matsumoto is recognized for her ability to integrate the work of the Japanese Masters into a coherent and clinically effective palpation-based style that synthesizes eastern and western views of the body. She is author of numerous books and her Hara Diagnosis palpation based acupuncture style is practiced across the globe.

Facilitator: Joseph Audette, MD is Chief of the Department of Spine, Physiatry and Pain Management at Atrius Health and Harvard Vanguard and Assistant Professor Part Time, at Harvard Medical School. He is Course Director of AcuMed: Integrated Structural Acupuncture course for physicians at the University of New England, a renowned acupuncture researcher, and recognized world expert in the use of acupuncture point verification methods and use of acupuncture needle techniques for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.